Caprice d'Orient

Matcha’s Journey: From Ancient China to Modern Frappes

While Caprice d’Orient’s Matcha Cream offers a contemporary twist on this beloved ingredient, the origins of matcha stretch back centuries, weaving a fascinating tale across continents. So, buckle up for a historical sip of matcha knowledge!

Early Beginnings in China:

The history of matcha begins in China, where the custom of powdering tea leaves dates back to the Tang Dynasty (7th–10th centuries). In order to facilitate transportation and trade, the leaves were first steamed, then formed into bricks and then ground into a powder. This process created the basis for modern matcha, even though it was mostly used by Buddhist monks.

Song Dynasty Refinement:

There was a notable change during the Song Dynasty (10th–13th centuries). Preparing tea became more common, and powdered tea became more well-liked. Matcha’s special properties drew monks who were looking for a way to improve their meditation. Japan first encountered matcha thanks in large part to the work of the famous Zen Buddhist monk Eisai.

Eisai’s Matcha Mission:

Eisai brought matcha seeds and knowledge of how to cultivate and consume it from China back  in 1191. He felt that matcha’s capacity to encourage alertness and calmness would be beneficial to Zen meditation techniques. His work had a significant impact, influencing the creation of the elaborate Japanese Tea Ceremony (chado) and the acceptance of matcha in Japanese culture.

Evolution in Japan:

The importance of matcha in Japan grew over several centuries. It came to represent mindfulness, hospitality, and cultural identity. In order to meet the needs of various social contexts and purposes, different grades and preparation techniques evolved. Matcha is still regarded as a sacred beverage and ingredient today because of its flavor, nutritional value, and cultural significance.

A Global Matcha Wave:

Matcha has seen a global resurgence in recent years. People all over the world have become interested in it because of its vivid color, distinct flavor, and possible health advantages. Matcha’s versatility is evident in everything from cappuccinos to smoothies and baked goods, providing countless opportunities for culinary experimentation.

Therefore, keep in mind that the next time you sip on a matcha frappe, you’re not just enjoying a trendy beverage but also a rich history that extend centuries and continents. Matcha is a beverage that has evolved over time, from its ancient Chinese roots to contemporary interpretations like Caprice d’Orient’s Matcha Cream. Each cup of matcha offers a hint of magic and a taste of tradition.

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